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Here is a thought for people my age :

WWII ended two years before I was born.  I was only a few years old when there was another war (police action) in Korea.  Before I was 14 years old, in school I was told how to duck under my desk, cover my head, and wait for an atomic blast.  I was 14 when our country was faced with a possible missile attach from Cuba, with Russia's assistance.  Our president was killed, and suddenly our future was being stolen from us by a military draft designed to send us to Viet Nam, a country on the other side of the world, where we began to die like dropping flies.  LBJ promoted the expansion of the war with a fake attack on one or our Naval Ships.

Richard Nixon was a crook.  Before being impeached, he had spent most of his life in politics, and dropped the whole mess into the hands of the then Vice President Gerald Ford, who did not wish to be president anyway, and did not run for President in the next election.

Apparently Jimmy Carter was just a place holder.

The maximum speed limit of 55 mph slowed the entire economy down to a crawl causing prices to rise and banks to fail.  Small businesses and oil drilling companies began to close their doors, and the price of gasoline began to creep upwards, never to stop creeping again.

George H. Bush Sr. said "Read My Lips" and bombed the hell out of Iraq destroying the future for the people there, and starting a war with Muslim's that has the potential for lasting a century with the help of Chaney, Rumsfeld, and Rice, among others.

Bill Clinton said "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman" and continued bombing the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan, while his wife went on a killing spree, stealing from the White House, and anyone else who got within 50 feet of her.

For now, no one may find who really took down the World Trade Towers, but George W. Bush blamed Osama Bin Laden 30 minutes after it happened.  And, never caught Osama Bin Laden while turning Afghanistan into a dust-bowl-rock-pile-graveyard.  And, Jet Fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel.  Over time, the truth must come to the surface just like the rest of history.  Especially the part about Afghanistan being laden with precious metals the whole world wish they had.

Then America sat dead-still for 8 years while the President (no name) created numerous presidential rules and regulations which are now all gone except for that medical thing that may take awhile to get rid of.

Here's my opinion:  LBJ was a lime-lighter, in that he always stepped up front to be the main guy.  During the Kennedy parade in Dallas, LBJ was in the last car, not wearing his signature white hat, and reportedly ducked down when shots were heard.  Of course, he had to be there to be sworn in quickly.

George H. Bush was reportedly seen in Dallas at that time.

The Clinton' probably figured out how to fix a presidential election, and did so, under Hillary' guidance, two times.

George W. Bush, and his brother (Florida Governor) almost got caught cheating on an election by Al Gore, but managed to weasel out of it.

Hillary didn't have enough money to pull off election fraud in 2012, but her opponent did.

After taking in billions in donations to the Clinton Foundation, she thought she had paid for the 2016 election, but the American People saw through that scheme and she lost.

It's 2017 now, and I hear this person and others, might be indicted for criminal government activities.  "Might" be indicted don't count.  Treason is a crime against me and all other Americans.  Why isn't any of these crooks being prosecuted for their crimes against America?

Prosecuting election fraud, and other crimes, is part of:


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